Sprint HTC Hero Review

Before I start the review, I thought it would be beneficial to provide some brief background regarding my experience with smart phones. Doing so will level set the review for those of you who don’t know me.

Background Information
The Hero is the first smart phone I’ve ever owned. I was formally with Verizon Wireless and used a “normal” mobile phone. I liked Verizon’s great network coverage. However, their customer service left a lot to be desired and their data phone plans were more expensive than what I wanted to pay.

The majority of my co-owners and some of my family have been avid smart phone users for some time so I tinkered with a variety of devices ranging such as full keypad BlackBerries, the BlackBerry Storm, and iPhones. Based on using other people’s phones, I knew I wanted either the Hero or an iPhone. I’m not saying the BlackBerry isn’t a good device, it is just more business focused than I desired and has an unattractive yet mostly functional user interface (UI). I say this so you know that I at least have some prior exposure to smart phones to help me in my assessment of the Hero.

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DD-WRT Vulnerability

For all of my readers who are DD-WRT users you may want to stop using v24 SP1, SANS Internet Storm Center (ISC) has a brief post about a DD-WRT vulnerability that will allow an attacker to run programs with root privileges on a vulnerable router. In other words, this is a really bad vulnerability. Root privileges in Linux is the equivalent to admin privileges in Windows. With root access, a hacker could do anything with your router. Since your router controls what you do on the Internet, that could be really, really bad. The SANS post has a link to the dd-wrt forum which provides additional details regarding the problem as well as some options on how to mitigate it and/or patch the DD-WRT firmware. I highly recommend checking it out right now. Now that I’ve stressed it enough, here’s the link to the SANS ISC page: http://isc.sans.org/diary.html?storyid=6853&rss.

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